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Video Conference Event Management

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Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Steet Address: Lahore, Punjab
Posted on: 08 Apr 2015


Video Conference Event Management
Video Conferencing Event Management
2 Cameras, 1 for Deligates and 1 for extra coverage
Bandwidth 2 MB CIR with Static IP pool
Interactive Presentation played by Presenter

Product Overview
AV-Live Communications Provide state of the art Conference Management with the convenience of customer selected location all over Pakistan PC, Avari, Sherton, Marriot, Ramadah Holiday Inn, Sarina or any of customer selected Location.

We provide side by side HD Video Quality of Presenter and presentation. Question and Answer session with 2 way communication live. Seamless Audio Visual integration and High speed connectivity is our edge. You can cover up to 500 audience to present you new product line or share new research with loyal client.

Our Prestigious Customer: World Bank, Werrick Pahrma, Genetic Pharma, Nestle Pakistan, Mapple Pharma, SBN Research, Name: AV Live Communication

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