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Okkay Enterprises

Okkay Enterprises

Company: Okkay Enterprises
Business Type: Exporter, Manufacturer, Trading Company , Distributor/Wholes
Contact: Okkay Enterprises
Phone: +923009425446
Fax: +923425062877
Address: H.NO.132.FEROZPUR ROAD LAHORE, 54000
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Website: www.okkayenterprises.com


Okkay Enterprises welcomes you to the Apparel World - We own eight production Units which covers Knit, Woven, Leather and Denim all product lines, we proudly offer all products to our clients on a single point.

Okkay Enterprises is specialist in Manufacturing and Exporting Firm in Ladies/Gents/Kids Apparel Including a product Range/Line of inner/Outer wear.What makes our company special is a unique blend of creativity, experience, passion, control and flexibility - all of which are necessary attributes for delivering Good quality.

We manufacture knitted fabric, woven fabric and denim fabric for exports and manufacturing.

Launched in 2008, I set-out to create a business which takes leisurewear product in a new direction. I wanted the address many of the challenges that I've faced during my career in the industry, in particular tackling common questions, such as:

- I like that design, but can I export it?
- Can I get the order any sooner?
- Can I spread my products worldwide?
- Do we do superb product orientation?
- Can we become the world;s best service Providers?
- Are we delivering superbly?
- Will we Export our goods to overseas?

confidently answer is yes to all the aforementioned questions.

By analyzing the price-point requirements of our clients, we carefully select the optimal fabrics,specifications and packaging for every single job.Once placed, orders are fulfilled with our Production house for the production.

Our portfolio includes soft handled Eco-friendly. Our Production house does,knit,woven,jersey,fleece and Denim productions.

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E-Mail :

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Please visit our website

Website : www.okkayenterprises.com

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