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Kontour ETC

Kontour ETC

Company: Kontour ETC
Business Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Evgeny Kozlov
Phone: +7(383)3066717
Fax: +7(383)3066717
Address: Office 518, 39 Russkaya Street, Novosibirsk, Russia, 630058
Location: Faisalabad, Pakistan
Website: www.radiotestset.com


Founded in 2003 «Kontour ETC» has been producing equipment of its own design for complex servicing, prompt calibration and repairing of means of communications, primarily for stationary and portable radio stations.
Our devices are highly competitive in price-functionality ratio.
Among the main advantages of our products can be distinguished the following:
• Multifunctionality
We produce devices, that replace the whole set of equipment necessary for maintenance of means of communications.
• Reliability
Our products have a high mechanical and electrical reliability through the using of modern materials and technologies.
• Mobility
Devices is lightweight and compact, that makes them portable and allows to use them in field conditions.
• Precision
High precision of measurement is achieved by digital signal processing.
• Price
The unique price-quality ratio. Similar devices much more expensive.
• Warranty
We are confident in our products and provide two years worldwide warranty for all of our equipment.
During the 12 years of existence our devices have been recognized in Russia, received many positive feedbacks from leading experts in communications of major companies such as Gazprom, Russian Railways, Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports, and other organizations.
Development and production of our devices we provide by ourselves, as well as provide them with prompt delivery.

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